Mediona, Catalonia

Water and the Drinker

 Types of Drinkers

   Another of the important aspects in the care and maintenance of our Persian, is their feeding. Needless to say, we must give you a good feed (preferably high-end, since these will be of higher quality) and that you should always have at your disposal in the same way that fresh water will always be available.

   One of the problems that we find with the water, is that the cat will “flood” when drinking inside the conventional drinkers, putting the legs in the water and wetting all the hair of the collar that has taken us so long to wash-dry.

   Consequently, one of the disadvantages of leaving the hair of the collar wet is that the hair will rust and turn a dark and ugly color (especially in light colors) as well as facilitating the knots and quilts.

   To avoid this, it is very common to use the so-called rabbit drinking troughs that make the cat drink only the necessary amount and not get wet. At the beginning it is normal that he does not know how to drink, but we can help him approaching his nose to the water outlet and showing him how it works (we can also put a bit of malt or multivitamins, something that he likes very much, at the water outlet to go to lick and discover how to get water out of that new pot).

   Many people find problems when installing these types of drinkers. We propose a very easy method to install: By means of the support that the bicycles have to deposit the water bottle (we can get it in most of the sports stores) which we will screw to the wall at the appropriate height and there we deposit the drinker.

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