Mediona, Catalonia

The Claws

Necessary Tools

We have to learn to cut our nails ourselves without having to go to the vet because it will be less stressful for the cat. Cutting them to a certain degree will prevent possible scratches and avoid the temptation to constantly sharpen the furniture or sofas of the house (if we cut our nails and install a scraper so that it can sharpen them, that does not will happen to happen). We could also find another problem if they were to grow too much nails could be nailed to the pillows of the legs and consequently cause any infection. To cut them we can use special scissors that we can find at any clinic, or at any specialized store or on the Internet.



     We only have to cut the tip of the nails, paying special attention to not touching with the scissors the pink part that we will see against the back of the nail, which is where the blood vessels (if that happened to occur or touch this part pink, it is not necessary to be alarmed, this small haemorrhage will soon be cut).

   With a little pressure on your fingers, we will pull the nail so that you can see it better and cut it easier.

   If the cat gets nervous, it is better to wait for it to reassure (often the ideal is to do it when the cat is calm, or almost asleep).