Mediona, Catalonia

The Bath

We must distinguish between the baths we do to keep our cat clean and with a healthy hair appearance (about once a month) and the baths of those cats that will go to exhibitions, which logically will be done more often and a more “deep” way (where we must also take into account that and diversity of opinions and different products used by each one.) I will refer to the first ones.

The ideal is to accustom the cat to the bathroom even from very young, this will make things easier since it will soon accustom to this routine. We must bear in mind that bathing should never be a traumatic process for our feline, so we have to talk to him in a soft and affectionate tone to tranquil·litzar-, without making sudden movements and avoiding noises that may scare.

Some important points before the bath:

– Towel for subsequent drying


-The water is ready and at its correct temperature (neither too cold nor too hot).

It is advisable before you start the bath to cut the nails to the cat to avoid major problems (it is very common for the cat to want to escape and grab us (what more and what less if you can sneak off).

It is also very important to give a good brushing before bathing and make sure that you go to the shower without any knot in your hair (if there is one not only would not be removed but it entangles the hair and would get bigger).

We have to monitor well the temperature of the bathing area, generally the bathroom, that the area is not too cold since the cat can cool us down; If so, and a little before starting the bath we can light a small heater. Once everything is ready, I will explain the steps of the bath below:

Rinse the cat very well.

   We can do it in the bathtub with the tap of the shower or in a specific place destined for it. There we put the cat already with the tap of the shower prepared at the correct temperature and we hold it gently by the spine to avoid possible leaks. We begin to wet it evenly throughout the body (back, legs, neck, stomach) except for the face, which is the most unpleasant area for him and which we will leave for the end.

Apply degreaser (optional)

In the specialized market there are products dedicated exclusively to eliminate this greasy aspect of the hair, which makes the hair more clean and silky. Used especially by the exhibitors and applied to cats that are going to leave the exhibition. It is not necessary to apply always, but it is advisable to use it occasionally.

   When the cat is well wet we apply the degreaser (it is recommended to dilute 50% of the product in water, thus obtaining a greater penetration in all the hair) and we distribute it well throughout your body applying a gentle massage.

Rinse with abundant water removing all the remains

   (We can repeat again the points 2 and 3 for a greater penetration and effect of the degreaser)

Apply the Shampoo

   There are many brands in the market, many of them divided according to the type and color of the hair, and there are also color enhancers. Many of us also use specific shampoos for humans and many with excellent results. We will now give the first soapy shampoo with a small massage, spreading all over your body to create foam.

   Once well clarified, we will take the cat holding hands and drain a little to eliminate part of the water.

   Then place it on the towel that we had previously prepared and scrub it well to remove as much moisture as possible, which will facilitate the subsequent drying.

   Once this is done we can go to the dryer.