Mediona, Catalonia

Small Guide to Basic Care

Care of our cat’s hair

Here we explain the different processes in hair care to be able to perform them correctly.

The Bath

   Yes, the cats bathe! … and many times it is essential to keep your hair clean and healthy, especially for longhaired cats. Also in times of molting, the bath along with daily brushing will help to remove these dead hairs from the undercoat and prevent them from sticking on all sides of our house.

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Hair drying

   First we must have prepared all the utensils we are going to use (mainly hand dryer and comb). There are many cats that are afraid to confront the dryer for the first time and especially when starting, so you can help turn on the dryer before taking the cat.

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   The hairstyle should be daily. We should always have a moment a day to brush and comb our cat. 

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Cleaning the Eyes, Nose and Ears

   Another of the basic aspects in the care of Persian cats and that entails many doubts to their new owners is regarding cleanliness.

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The Claws

   We must learn to cut our claws ourselves without having to go to the vet as it will be less stressful for the cat.

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Preparing for the Shows

   We will expose in this section a basic preparation to present a Persian cat in an exhibition. 

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