Mediona, Catalonia

QuatreGrapes Conditions

QuatreGrapes Conditions

If you want to purchase one of our cats, it is important that you read the following conditions first.

– They’re delivered with two trivalent vaccines, dewormed with Milbemax and Stronghold.

– With guarantee and health contract.

– All cats for company, by regulation will be neutered. There are no exceptions.

– They are delivered with electronic identification. The new owner must make the corresponding change to her name from said identification.

– They will be delivered from 4 months of age, once vaccinated and castrated.

– It is delivered with an official veterinary card, if the cat has to travel outside of Spain the passport can be made.

– They are given baths since they are one month old, so they quickly get used to them, thus facilitating future baths when they are already in their new home.

– They should always be fed with high-end products (Purizon, etc.). See our link

We want to remember that …

– All the photos of our cats are untouched, no type of computer program has been used to improve their appearance. The cat is just as it can be seen. This will avoid unpleasant surprises in the subsequent delivery.

– If you like any of our cats, and want to make sure it is for you, you can make a reservation for it. Otherwise it may be offered to another interested person.

– All QuatreGrapes copies are PKD Negative (A very dangerous and hereditary disease)

– All our specimens are free of leukemia and feline immunodeficiency.


For security reasons we ask for a photocopy of the DNI for the future owners of our cats.

We reserve the right to cancel the cat’s reservation at any time.

The cat must be collected in person, we do not send them. Due to the COVID-19 only a single person with the recommended safety measures, mask, gloves and hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel will be able to access it. Additional footwear will be disinfected.

You can send us a WhatsApp (+34617540622) or e-mail ( to ask questions. We will not respond to anonymous or inappropriate emails. It’s necessary to indicate the reasons for your question.