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Enjoy our Puppies Always playful!

  We will show you the new puppies that arrive by doing a chronological tracking to see their development and enjoy their pictures.

  We also recommend that you check this page regularly, especially in breeding seasons, check if we have puppies available, just like on our  adoption page.


How much does it cost
Kitty ?

   Let me say a few words, yes to you, to the person who writes an email just to ask for the price of a kitten. To the caller and after hearing a price he says surprisingly: “I can buy a cheaper kitten elsewhere.” I also speak to the person who is not interested in documentation because “I just want a pet.”
  No cat is “just a pet.”
  Behind each kitten there is a BREED job. I use capital letters to differentiate a breeder from an animal factory or a mill. A reputable breeder will not breed cats without documents, which does not protect the integrity of the breed.
  The registry (documents) are lineage records that document the bloodline and allow you to investigate potential health issues in the lineage. When you tell a breeder that you are not interested in documentation (Pedigree) you are really telling them that you do not care less about the kitten’s health, but only about the cheapest you can find.
  When you buy a kitten from a high-quality, reputable breeder, that breeder is responsible for the health of each kitten; That breeder skips vacations, loses sleep and most of his personal household space to make room for his cats.
  A truly passionate breeder who loves what he breeds puts all his heart and soul into it. Not only with the kittens that are sold, but also with every customer who has a piece of their heart and is now a member of their extended family. Responsible breeders care for their puppies after they are gone and retrieve them, if necessary, no questions asked.
  A breeder will “get their hands dirty,” often from all that childbirth entails. Because that is what life consists of … In the midst of birth and death is life. The wheel that keeps turning.
  A breeder performs tests, X-rays, analyzes, emergency operations, vaccinations, litter, family trees, many cares, microchips for his puppies and has them evaluated by veterinary specialists.
Last but not least, a breeder chooses the family lucky enough to have one of their puppies. Yes, you read that correctly, a true breeder chooses who to sell to because he does not make money selling. There is no reward that can offset the investments made by a breeder in their cats. Therefore, you need to make sure that in such a family you will fit in properly.
  Others just say yes … but a good breeder has different criteria for those who want to continue their bloodline. Because as a breeder it is never a responsibility to take lightly, it is a life choice reserved ONLY for the few devotees who are willing to sacrifice themselves.
  Because a cat is never “just a pet” it is the legacy of the breeder, a child’s best friend, a protector for girls, a therapy for the elderly, a family member, someone’s whole world !!!

Written partially by: Mr. Eduardo Loredo Muller


A Beautiful Legend

They say of the origin of the Color “Tortoiseshell”

Legend has it that the Sun wanted to participate in life on Earth.
To do this he asked the moon for help, to cover his absence so that humans would not notice.
The Sun, eager to live the experience, took the form of one of the animals that would go unnoticed and that at the same time fascinated him: a black cat.
So time passed and the Sun was able to live the experience, but the moon, tired of waiting for her return, decided to withdraw and she had to quickly leave that body to take her place in the sky.
In its rapid flight, thousands of rays of luminous and golden colors, covered and were trapped in the magical fur of the cat.
Since then, the daughters of that cat carry the memory of the rays and golden sparkles that the sun forgot.