Mediona, Catalonia

Eyes, Nose and Ears Cleaning


Another of the basic aspects in the care of Persian cats and that entails many doubts to their new owners is the cleanliness of the eyes. Many times these cats tear to a greater or lesser extent leaving them small legañas we must clean well for two reasons: aesthetics (especially white cats or more claritos) and hygiene. It is recommended to clean your eyes every day (at least once a day) either at the time of combing or first thing in the morning when we get up. If the cat weep excessively it will be necessary to clean it more often and go to the veterinarian in case it is necessary to prescribe some type of eye drop.

NOTE: we must reject the common cotton and toilet paper as these release fibers that can irritate or even do more damage to the eye. We must also reject conventional napkins and “wet wipes”


     We will lightly wet the make-up remover cotton and thoroughly clean the cat’s eye, paying special attention to the lacrimal area, then we will dry it with another cotton such as this one (now dry) or with a soft tissue paper.

    As we have said before in white or light colored cats, dirt will be more noticeable in the lacrimal than in the darker ones, so we can also resort to a solution of boric acid in water.

Boric Acid:

    It can be easily obtained at the pharmacy (100 gr. Powder). Dilute 2 tablespoons of boric acid in a 500 ml bottle. then fill with water (warm to facilitate dissolution) and shake until completely diluted.

    Apply as we did before with makeup cottons but with special care to not penetrate anything in the eyes, nose or mouth and then dry well. The cleaning of the nose does not require so much care and often it is not even necessary, so we can do it in the same way that we do it with our eyes. (Obviously we will NEVER use boric acid here)


The Cleaning of the Ears

    It should be done with some assiduity (more or less every 15 days) although it is true that there are cats that produce more wax than others. For this you can use cotton buds, but cleaning only the outer part of the ear and paying attention not to put the stick inside the auditory pin because we could break the eardrum or cause an infection.

  We can also do it with special wipes that we can find in the veterinary clinic or with wipes for babies (without alcohol).