Mediona, Catalonia

Our Females

CH D’Mediterran Mistica of Quatregrapes (SH)

With a very sweet character, she always wants to be caressed. Very good mother, very calm and lovelly.

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Black Pearls Nina of Quatregrapes (SH)

With strong but balanced character. He always wants to be caressed. Very playful and lovelly.

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Quatregrapes Rubí (LH)

With a shy but affectionate character. Very good mother and very lovelly.

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Barturen Laga of Quatregrapes (LH)

Extremely lovelly, curious and very playful.

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Quatregrapes Dior (SH)

Temperamental, a little panther! but everything is appearance.

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Quatregrapes Odette (SH) 

She is the smallest, but very loved by her companions. Tranquil, constant nap.

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