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Nuevo miembro en la familia

We are very grateful to quatregrapes for giving us the opportunity to adopt Golden, a beautiful and super playful Persian kitten, and for teaching us her wonderful Persian cats. We hope the best for you!



We wanted to thank quatregrapes the treatment and the advice received. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt zhorin.
It is a very affectionate and jugeton cat, it is made of wanting, it gives us a lot of company.
The care and care of their animals is excellent. I recommend 100% to quatregrapes

Ana isabel
Montornés del valles

happily grateful!

Hi all!!!

I want to convey my gratitude and happiness, I am fortunate to own two brothers of Quatregrapes at home, I am delighted with the sweet character, the class, the behavior of my kittens, I know for sure that I was not wrong in choosing Quatregrapes, their continued attention , your kindness and above all the security that I feel when seeing the parents of my kittens !! They are excellent!!! A family in every rule! Congratulations!!!And happy to meet you!

Jennifer Belalcazar

Very happy with my Persian

Hello to everyone
I acquired a Persian cat in quatregrapes, it is gorgeous and with very good character.
Zhara and her husband are very friendly and they also deliver it with all the relevant controls and tests. If one day I decide to have another, I will certainly do it in quatregrapes.
If you want to have a Persian cat, I encourage you to do it, you will not regret it and through this Zhara website, it is the best place to do it.
a greeting

Juan Alcaraz

Beautiful Persians and exotic

I have a persian of quatregrapes, it is a love of cat, precious and very sweet. Without a doubt, if some day I decide to have more cats, I already know where I have to go to look for it. Zhara is a very nice girl, a very responsible breeder, times when
I need some advice on feeding or taking care of my kitten, I ask her opinion and she always helps me with any doubt. I love all her kittens, as well as precious, they have a very sweet character. Enchanted with quatregrapes!